Global Responsibility

(Acts 1:8) We believe that part of our responsibility is to advance God’s Kingdom in the world starting in Delaware County, then to the Midwest, and then to the world. We are called to care for our neighborhoods as well as for the nations.

Read (Biblical Authority)

(2 Tim 3:16–17) We believe that the Scriptures were given not just to inform us about God but to transform us to be like Jesus. That means that we have to invest time and think about what God is communicating through His Word and about how it should change our behaviors.

Authentic Community

(Acts 2:40–47) We believe that God wants us to live connected to each other…not isolated from each other. So, living in biblical community means that we choose to connect with, include, and involve others in our lives. It means that we all have a place to belong.

Spiritual Intimacy

(Mark 1:35) We believe that God wants everyone to grow spiritually. That means primarily that God sent His Son to die for us so that we would have a relationship with Him instead of following a set of prescribed mechanical rules.

Personal Ministry

(Rom 12:4–8) We believe that everyone plays a part in God’s redemption story. You and I are not created where we are and when we are by accident. God has wired each of us for meaningful investment in the community, which requires us to move.