Frequently asked questions before the first visit: 

What should I wear when I come to church?

We are more concerned with real life issues than we are with what you are wearing.  So, please dress casually and you will feel right at home with the rest of our church family.

Will you ask me to participate in the offering?

We feel like financial giving is the responsibility of our members and regular attenders, so we actually ask you NOT to participate as a guest.  We really don’t even take up an offering – we have offering boxes in the back of the room where folks can give privately.

What do you offer for children and students?

We feel like reaching the next generation is a priority for our church so we have an interactive, high energy, age appropriate children’s ministry called LifePoint Kids that is lead by Marc and Colleen Shields.  For middle school and high school students we have a group that meets students where they are, encourages them to connect with God, and engage their friends for eternity’s sake.  That ministry is led by Adam & Molly Pursel.

What’s up with having two worship gatherings?

We have two identical worship gatherings right now, so that we can fit into our facility. It also allows our leaders to serve during one worship gathering and then attend the other worship gathering.  The separate worship times allow for greater flexibility to attend on weekends depending upon your schedule. If you are interested in more of our history, check out the LifePoint Story tab or you can find more info about details on worship gathering times and locations under the Time and Location tab.

How do I get to meet people at LifePoint?

Outside of people being genuinely nice to you at our worship gatherings, there are at least three ways for you to get connected relationally on a regular basis – Discovering Life Class, LifeGroups, & Ministry Teams.  You can email us at if you are interested in one of these areas.